Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers frequently asked questions on our treatment and the enrollment process.

Fit N Healthy Treatment

What is the Fit N Healthy Treatment?

  • The Fit N Healthy is the first clinically-proven approach to reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic diseases without the use of medications.

How does the Fit N Healthy Treatment work?

  • Fit N Healthy addresses the basic reasons for Type 2 diabetes utilizing an exceptionally individualized way to deal with sugar consumption and healthful ketosis, representing every individual’s remarkable organic chemistry, lifestyle and medications.
  • Fit N Healthy medical providers who are experts in safely reducing and eliminating diabetes medications.
  • Most people living with diabetes see their medical provider every 6-12 months. Virta has reinvented the diabetes care model by providing patients with continuous, technology-enabled remote care from
  • Most patients see significant outcomes in merely weeks, and they can continue this accomplishment with the help of their Fit N Healthy wellbeing mentor and therapeutic supplier.

What does the Fit N Healthy Treatment include?

  • Medical Supervision: A metabolic health specialist provides continuous supervision, safe medication reductions and medical check-ups.
  • Personal Health Coach: A nutrition and behavior expert answers all your questions and helps you form habits.
  • Biomarker Feedback: Measuring blood Sugar, weight, ketones and more helps us personalize the Fit N Healthy Treatment to your individual biochemistry.
  • A Clinic in Your Pocket: Our easy-to-use mobile and desktop app provides immediate access to care—no waiting rooms and no lines.
  • On-demand Resources: Learn the basics from a structured online curriculum food or meal options for any dietary preference.
  • Private Fit N Healthy Community: Connect with other Fit N Healthy patients to find support and share tips in a positive, moderated environment.

Who could benefit from the Fit N Healthy Treatment?

The Fit N Healthy Treatment improve our metabolic health by treating insulin resistance and reverse our metabolic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Are there really no medications included in the Fit N Healthy Treatment?

  • No. Fit N Healthy is focused on getting you metabolically healthy and off your diabetes and blood pressure medications.

How does the Fit N Healthy App work?

Everything you need to learn, practice, or measure will be presented to you daily through a custom online experience, which can be accessed through a desktop or mobile app:

  • Educational Content: step-by-step, interactive video guides teach the science and concepts behind Fit N Healthy.
  • Phases: custom goals help turn new learnings into long-term, sustainable habits.
  • Biomarker Tracking: as a Fit N Healthy patient, you will log your biomarker data regularly, which will guide your Fit N Healthy health coach and medical provider’s continuous remote care plan and ensure your safety and success.
  • Chat: secure communication with your Health Coach gives you the space to ask, discuss, and troubleshoot the personal questions you need answered in order to be successful.
  • Practical Resources: access to practical resources likes food lists, recipes, how-to guides, and webinars.

If my medication dose changes, who prescribes the new or adjusted meds for me?

Fit N Healthy medical provider will communicate any dose changes to your pharmacy of choice.

What does my Fit N Healthy medical provider do?

Your Fit N Healthy medicinal supplier deals with your restorative consideration at the Virta Clinic, and gives the accompanying:

  • Metabolic Health Expertise: Fit N Healthy restorative supplier turns into your metabolic wellbeing master. Note that they don’t supplant your essential consideration supplier, however they will work with them to guarantee coherence of consideration.
  • Security and Monitoring: Your Fit N Healthy restorative supplier guarantees your wellbeing by persistently observing your information and announced side effects through the application.
  • Medication Management: Fit N Healthy restorative supplier deals with your meds, including securely diminishing or dispensing with any prescriptions you never again need
    • It tends to be perilous to all of a sudden quit taking a medicine alone, which is the reason the Fit N Healthytherapeutic supplier is there to decrease you off and oversee you when your portion changes or is dispensed with.

How will I interact with Fit N Healthy medical provider?

You will have a telemedicine appointment with your Fit N Healthy medical provider as part of the enrollment process, and then they will monitor your progress on Fit N Healthy through the app. You will have annual check-ups with them and they will schedule additional follow-ups as needed.

Is calorie restriction or fasting required?

The Fit N Healthy Prespective is that is not necessary to achieve metabolic health. The Fit N Healthy Treatment does not expect patients to count or restrict calories.

Is exercise required?

At Fit N Healthy, the Exercise is not required for your success. We encourage you to choose whatever level of physical activity you desire.