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Healthy routines and immune system to fight COVID-19

The world is longing to get over this pandemic. This unexpected trouble has induced threats over the planet. We all know, Coronavirus is a dangerous calling and one thing to comprehend is that it attacks those with a lower immune system. The medical analysis says that those with stronger immune systems tend to fall less […]

Weight Loss with High Protein Foods

Looking for a way to lose weight / best diet for weight loss and then maintain it? The simplest of ways would be to be on a calorie deficit diet. People I have met over time who are trying to lose weight would generally be talking about skipping meals. Well, let me tell you, skipping meals is […]

9 Fruits That Help in Weight Loss / Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruits That Help in Weight Loss / Fruits For Weight Loss Struggling with Weight Loss? Try some Fruits! Curious! about how to lose weight fast? Try some weight loss programs like fruits are good option! Our Current Lifestyle has ensured that we all are struggling with our weight issues and the related issues with weight. […]

10 Best foods for healthy skin – What to eat, and what to avoid!

Live Fit, Live Healthy! Beauty, as they say, is skin deep. But wait, now, is it? Read on to decide for yourself!! what to eat for healthy skin! So, here presenting the best foods for healthy skin! Not all of us are aware that the skin is the largest organ in the human body. Although in today’s collective […]

how to be fit and healthy

A Healthy and balanced nutrition is the key to a fit body, active mind, how to be fit and healthy and glowing healthy skin. Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to work out for hours every day or eat boiled vegetables and chicken for a very meal. In fact, there are several more […]