9 Fruits That Help in Weight Loss / Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruits That Help in Weight Loss / Fruits For Weight Loss

Struggling with Weight Loss? Try some Fruits!

Curious! about how to lose weight fast?

Try some weight loss programs like fruits are good option!

Our Current Lifestyle has ensured that we all are struggling with our weight issues and the related issues with weight. Slight modifications in our eating habits could make a drastic effect to our weight. There are so many diet plans which you can try as your weight loss programs, adding Fruits for weight loss diet plan is the best option in all of them.

  • Low Carb Diet
  • High Protein Food Diet
  • Ketogenic Diet Plan For Weight Loss
  • Vegetarian Diet
  • Vegan Diet and etc

Here, I am sharing one more diet plan which helps a lot for your weight loss programs. You must have definitely heard that eating fruits help in weight loss. Read on to know more.

What is Obesity? Am I overweight or worst Obese?

Obesity is one of the most extensive, chronic diseases in need of new strategies for medical treatment and prevention. Obesity is defined as excess adipose tissue resulting in weights which ensure you are way beyond your Body Mass Index (BMI) Figures. There are several different methods for determining excess adipose (fat) tissue; the most common being the Body Mass Index. Obesity can lead to various serious health issues including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some types of cancer.

It’s important to lose weight if your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are high and your BMI falls into the overweight or obese category. If your BMI is in the high end of healthy or in the low overweight range, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about whether weight loss is right for you.

Weight Loss by Eating Healthy

Our generation is facing weight issues(and surly thinking about how to lose weight) primarily because of our lifestyle. We eat Junk, have restricted physical movement and breadth toxins. Eating Healthy could be the starting point to turn the clock back.

Fruits play a key role in weight loss. To lose weight you need to take less calories but that doesn’t mean that you have to eat less. Fruits add bulk to our diet plan. They can also supply a significant dose of fiber to your diet, which will slow digestion and make you feel fuller.

Fruits contain different amounts of nutrients, to maximize the health benefits it is very important to eat a variety of them. So, FRUITS FOR WEIGHT LOSS is a very healthy option.

Why Fruits for Weight Loss?

Fruits are an important part of a nourishing diet plan. Fruits are natural fat burners and help increase your metabolism and support weight loss. Diets high in fruits are related with all sorts of health benefits, including a decrease in the risk of many diseases.

There are some people that are concerned with sugar levels in the fruits. The fruits not just contain sugar but some important nutrients too like minerals, vitamins and fiber that are important for our health.

Fruits have a high water level content and fiber that helps you feel full. You can typically eat fruit until you’re satisfied, without swallowing a lot of calories. Studies indicate that eating fruit is related with lower calorie intake and contributes to weight loss over time. Apples, citrus fruits like Oranges and Grapefruit are among the most filling. Hope that, you will get my point to listed fruits for weight loss category.

Nutrients in Fruits

  • Vitamins and Minerals: These include vitamin C, Potassium and Folate (is a naturally occurring form of vitamin B9). Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and helps in maintaining the health of body’s connective tissue. Potassium is necessary for the functioning of the heart. It plays a major role in contraction of skeletal muscle, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function. Folate is important for cell growth and formation of DNA. Fruits rich in vitamins and minerals are guavas, kiwi, oranges, strawberries and pear so that fruits are best way to lose weight.
  • High in Fiber: Fiber helps relieve constipation and prevent all sorts of diseases. It helps in increasing feelings of fullness because of which you eat less fat. It helps lower cholesterol. Fruits rich in fiber are apples, guava, oranges, and raspberries. That’s why these fruits are known as weight loss foods.
  • Ant ioxidants: Fruits loaded with antioxidants help fight free radicals that damage the cells. They even help slow aging and reduce the risk of disease. Some of the fruits rich in antioxidants are berries, oranges, grapes and cherries and these fruits known as food for beautiful skin or healthy fruits for skin because they provide clear healthy skin; fact behind it, they rich in vitamins for healthy skin.

These are the basic reason for listing fruits for weight loss category.

Fruits For Weight Loss

1. Avocados

Avocado has many more properties so that we consider it in our list of fruits for weight loss. Avocados are super weight loss foods and are packed with heart-healthy fats and anti-oxidants. As most people don’t get enough of healthy fats it is important that they include avocados in their diet. Healthy fats help the body in maintaining its metabolism rate. Avocados are rich in nutrients and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6 and Magnesium. Since avocado is known to control the hunger pangs you should eat it just before lunch to control the weight of the body and will get best way to lose weight.

2. Oranges

Vitamin is a great ingredient for a fruit for weight loss. Oranges are effective weight loss fruits which are also yummy and nutritious. They are rich in fiber and potassium, as well a cancer-fighting citrus limonoids. It is also rich in vitamin C which is important for the repair and growth of important tissues in the body like clear healthy skin, cartilage, ligaments and blood vessels. The best time to have oranges would be for breakfast so that it consider in our weight loss tips or fruits for weight loss list and also in skin glowing list.

3. Watermelon

The delicious and refreshing watermelon is a wonder fruit when it comes to weight loss. It has a high water content, which makes up 90 percent of its weight. A 100 gram serving of watermelon contains as low as 30 calories. They are rich in amino acids that help in burning belly fat. Watermelons help you keep hydrated and satiated for longer periods of time, preventing the need to eat. It also has potassium that is important for the normal functioning of the heart and muscles. These number of properties make it’s a fruits for weight loss. The best time to have watermelon would be around 12-1 pm when the digestion rate is high and active.

4. Strawberries

Strawberries are also one of the most nutritious fruits. These appealing flavourful fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. They are also responsible for raising the levels of good fat in the body. Blending them with your smoothies, using them in oatmeal porridge in the morning would derive maximum benefits from these fat cutting fruits. Strawberries are great additions to a fruit bowl to be consumed right before or after a workout session. Strawberries are also healthy fruit for skin and we can consider this is in our weight loss diet and even FRUITS FOR WEIGHT LOSS list.

5. Guava

Guavas help in maintaining blood sugar levels and are good for diabetics. Since they are high in fiber they help in increasing the time period of satiety, preventing you from eating unhealthy food. Guavas aid digestion and maintain bowel movements. As they are rich in vitamin C, lycopene (pigment) and antioxidants they help in the prevention of cancer and skin inflammation as well. These properties makes Guava a super fruit for weight loss. The best time to bite on a guava would be in the morning because of its strong water content.

6. Lemon

Lemon is a great weight loss functioning fruit, which is extremely rich in Vitamin C. One lemon can fulfill the daily requirement of Vitamin C for your body. Lemon also helps to maintain the metabolic rate and they are rich in citrus limonoids, which defuse cancer cells, particularly in the colon and the breast. Drink lemon infused water to maintain the metabolism throughout the day.

7. Pears

Pears play a very important role in weight loss. One single pear fruits can fulfill as much as 24 percent of your daily fiber intake requirement. It is free of fat, cholesterol and calories. It is a high source of immune-boosting vitamin C; improves digestion.

8. Grapefruit

Since grapefruit is rich in phytochemicals and vitamin C it helps fight diseases and burn belly fat. It strengthens the immune system, boosts metabolism; helps reduce the risk of kidney stones, fights against gum disease. Starting your morning with half a wedge of grapefruit can set you up for a great day of belly fat burning. Considering grapefruit in weight loss diet is the best way to lose weight.

9. Apple

Apple is an excellent weight loss fruit. Eating Apple helps as it has a high fiber content and has 85% water. We have always heard, ‘to have an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.’ This helps you consume lesser calories and stay fuller longer.


Till the time you have your teeth, eat your fruits rather than drinking them. Drinking juices is not healthier than eating full fruits. This is because while extracting juice from fruits fiber, vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals are lost to some extent.

Whole fruit is more filling than pureed fruit or juice. It can be consumed a lot without feeling full.

Another important aspect of juice relates to sugar content. Due to whole fruits, the body absorbs the natural sugars slower; hence, you’re less likely to experience a spike in your blood sugar level. In addition, you need right amount of fruit for juicing; one glass of juice has more sugar than a single piece of whole fruit. The main criteria are juicing can help you round out your fruit intake, but eating more whole fruits should be your primary goal.

As my prospective, this is the best weight loss diet, it keeps us Fit and Healthy.

Live Fit, Live Healthy!

Happy Losing weight.