Weight Loss with High Protein Foods

Looking for a way to loose weight / best diet for weight loss and then maintain it? The simplest of ways would be to be on a calorie deficit diet. People I have met over time who are trying to loose weight would generally be talking about skipping meals. Well let me tell you, skipping meals is a bad idea and could have very unhealthy effects on your body in the long run. Let me help you how you can look at Weight Loss With High Protein Foods, a healthy way to lose weight and then maintain it.

One of the biggest personal challenges that we face today is trying to lose weight. While the world is
faced with a multitude of problems on the political, economic and social fronts, the tipping weighing
scales and incumbent medical issues are giving nightmares to millions of us. Many of us are waging
daily battles to try and keep our body weights within the acceptable metabolic ranges. Although to
some people it may sound trivial, weight loss is a pretty big deal and is a multi-million dollar industry.

The Optimum Diet To Stay Fit

There are countless types of controlled diet regimens available for weight loss. So, how do we
choose which is the best one for us? No matter how many dieticians and nutritionists we visit, we
may still be unable to achieve the desired results. One of the foremost things to understand about a
diet and fitness regimen is to know what suits us best. This will take deep introspection, thorough self-realisation and of course, total honesty. Once we know what we are capable of and what our actual and imagined limitations are, we need to get down to the brass tacks.To choose a diet, we need to comprehend and analyse a variety of the diet routines available. One of these is high protein foods for weight loss. We are aware that proteins are one of the three
essential macro nutrients required by the human body, along with carbohydrates and fats. They help
to deliver vital elements to the respective parts of the body, like hemoglobin carrying oxygen to our
cells. They act as chemical messengers from one part of the body to another, like various
hormones. They also repair, maintain and regenerate many components of our body like hair, skin,
bone and muscles.

Why High Protein Foods / Diet to Lose Weight?

Proteins bolster our weight loss efforts by keeping our hunger satiated and increasing our metabolism. When we go on low-calorie diets, our body metabolism decreases and we start lose weight from muscle. Proteins aid to maintain the lean muscles or muscle weight, while losing the accumulated fats. There are many readily accessible high and best protein diet for weight loss like South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet etc., but we will be talking about protein-rich foods or best protein food in general. Also during weight loss programs you would be doing some kind of weight training (if you aren’t you must) and the addition of healthy protein to your diet would help you build those muscles else you would experience muscle fatigue during and after your weight training.

Sources of Protein

Proteins can be found in several other foods which we may tend to ignore. Including these in our
diet will ensure a nutrient and protein-rich meal plan and keep things from getting dreary and
tiresome. we can use any diet plan which contain high protein foods. Here, I am sharing protein foods list.


Eggs are one of the best protein food. They not only contain healthy proteins but also iron, anti-oxidants and choline. A very simple recipe is to add a boiled egg to your breakfast with some seasoning of rock salt and black pepper. A super healthy way to start your day for weight loss.

Lean Meats like Chicken

Grilled chicken breasts are one of the favorite go-to meals of fitness experts. It provides a protein punch while being low on fats and calories. Chicken breast pieces are higher on protein and minerals than the leg or thigh pieces or we can say it’s a best protein diet.


I remember watching Popeye – the sailor man cartoons while growing up. In moments of distress, Popeye would pull out a can of spinach, empty the contents in his mouth and turn into a brave, muscular, crime-fighting hero! While cartoons can be exaggerated, the benefits of spinach surely cannot be so. Spinach is a rich source of protein, Vitamins A & C, anti-oxidants etc. Simply add them to your salad, favorite dishes or have them as a steamed accompaniment. So, spinach also a best protein food and will surly helps for weight loss and we can consider it as best diet for weight loss.

Nuts like Cashews, Almonds

Cashews contain protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They can be included in the diet, but in moderated quantities, as they may be calorific, as compared to other food items. Almonds contain L-arginine which help to burn fats during exercise. These will provide us variety on, our protein foods list. Some nuts are good for skin health also.


Peas are a store-house of good proteins and are rich in Vitamin C as well. Make them a part of your egg preparations or salads. Peas also provide us best protein for weight loss.


Guavas contain good protein, fiber and oodles of Vitamin C. It is one of the most protein-rich fruits around. Guavas healthy protein also helps for weight loss and listed for high protein foods.

Lentils or Dal

Lentils are high protein food and can even give eggs a run for their money. It is a best protein food and fiber for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So, this also contain as high protein foods list. Lentils are also healthier food for heart.


They are loaded with protein food or listed high protein foods, Vitamins A & K, lycopene and fiber. They can be cooked or eaten raw, to get those amazing nutrients. This also contain as high protein foods list and it’s a best diet for weight loss with high fiber even it’a a diet for glowing skin also.

Pumpkin Seeds

They contain good protein, fiber, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, healthy fats, and fiber and magnesium. It prevents you from getting hungry sooner and provides energy. So that’s why it’s also a best diet for weight loss.


Fishes contain healthy proteins and are the best sources for Omega-3 fatty acids. Even the ones with comparatively higher quantities of fats are good for the body. Fishes not only provide best protein for weight loss but also healthy food for skin and heart.

This is the best diet for weight loss but still, Do remember that any diet which includes an excess of any particular nutrient, while completely excluding others, may actually increase body weight and cause physical problems. It is essential to have a balanced diet which covers a whole gamut of nutrients, to keep ourselves functioning well.

Live Fit, Live Healthy !

Note: Please consult your family physician to avoid any allergic reaction or contra-indications.