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At "Fit N Healthy Foundation", we are on a mission to build community driven yoga programs which are run free of cost, to motivate people to devote only one hour a day which will transform them physically and understand how to lose weight with immense positive self-satisfaction.

Our Causes

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    To promote Health & Balance Nutrition

    Eat the best, leave the rest

    Health & Balance Nutrition

    A well balanced nutrition is the key to a fit body. A diet with balanced proportion of carbohydrates, proteins,fats, vitamins and minerals is all you need for ahale and hearty life. At Fit N Healthy Foundation, we become your friend in need to achieve fitness indeed.

    Fit N Healthy Foundation is all about Health and Balance Nutrition.

    You are what you eat from your head down to your feet

    To encourage healthy living through Active Lifestyle

    Commit to be Fit

    Active lifestyle

    Active lifestyle is living energetically with a combination of physical exercise, mental nourishment and scientifically balanced nutrition. We help you understand your body and set your health goals by encouraging a combination of exercises and nourishment.

    Fit N Healthy Foundation wish to spread awareness on importance of Active lifestyle

    Ignore your health and it will go away

    Family Wellness

    Wealthy sick and healthy poor don't enjoy

    Family Wellness

    Family Wellness is about ensuring all the family members are healthy and active. Exercising together or discussing health in the right way increases the cohesiveness in the family. It not only helps within, but also promotes healthy living in the society as a whole.

    At Fit N healthy we believe a fit family is an integral part of healthy nation.

    Being healthy is everyone’s right and not a privilege

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